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MODEL :WP-7 Check Weigher

Apply Range: Used to detect the weight of product whether match with the target weight, meanwhile auto-selecting device picks out the unqualified products.
1、 Apply advanced digital signal processing weighing modules, high-speed and stable weighing.
2、 Special frame structure enables keeping accuracy.
3、 LCD screen, Chinese and English languages, easily operate.
4、 Powerful calculation function, can record every checking data.
5、 Apply removed conveyor belt ,easy to maintenance.
Standard weight of five divisions,10groups of product data can be stored in the pre-set mode.
Technical Parameters:
Parameter /Model Standard weight of Zoning
10-999g 1-9.999Kg
Speed 60 45
Weighing accuracy ±0.5-1g ±2-3g
Belt size 220×450 330×500
Minimum scale 0.1 1
Preliminary program(set) 10 10
Size(lxwxh) 1400×720×1270 1680×720×1270
Eliminate optional device
Blower Device-push reject device, Two-way swing arm device, Silde down device
Voltage 220V